Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The unwanted prayer

Anyone who has followed my writing knows that I am writing four columns, editing a book, and writing another. This is on top of working fourty hours a week, doing elder care 24/7 and working on starting a podcast. This doesn't leave alot of time to stop by this little blog site these days. But when someone recently posted a comment to an old "in the news" I wrote I was sure it had to be responded to. The article I wrote was about a man and his extended family who were making it a point to "picket" the funeral of veterans with signs that says "God Hates you"; and this because the people doing the picketing are certain that God hates people who are gay and lesbian. Here is the comment that was posted:

"Praise God you do not keep up with your blasphemous blog. You are in my prayers."

Well the interesting thing, as anyone knows me has heard, if someone uses scriptures from the Christian Bible such as Leviticus 18:22 to justify a God of love hating anyone, let alone someone who is gay or lesbian, that same person needs to turn over to Leviticus 25:44-46:

"If you need slaves, you may buy them from the nations around you. You may also buy the children of foreigners who are living among you. Such children born in your land may become your property, and you mayleave them as an inheritance to your children whom they must server as long as they live" - Leviticus 25:44-46.

So pardon me while I go out and buy a few immigrants...by the way, just how many Canadians CAN I own?

Sound stupid doesn't it? Want to know what IS blasphemous my friends? THIS CRAP THAT SPEWS FORTH FROM BIGOTS CLAIMING THAT GOD HATES GAYS AND LESBIANS. When Christ gave everyone a new commandment in the New Testament, it was to love one another as we love Him - no exceptions, no qualifications, no privisos. This is fortunate for the bigots out there, for God loves them as well.

So if refusing to hate someone for who they love is blasphemous, then count me amoungst the blasphemers.