Monday, October 29, 2007

Troubling Times

I received the following comment to the post “Pope Benedict has turned his back on God.” I am copying it here for the sole reason of modifying one of the explicatives – not that I have never sworn in my life. The modification was more out of respect for any readers. Here is what Jenn McWhorter had to say:

“This is, in part, why I left the Roman Catholic Church and went to the Reformed Catholic Church, which, in addition, not being full of ***hats like Ratzinger, accepts all people, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, etc.” – Jenn McWhorter

This is an issue, as you can imagine that is a painful one for me. Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict, was John Paul’s the choice for pope. More is the pity now that he is in the process of undoing some of the good works that John Paul did. This is not to say that Pope John Paul was perfect. There were issues with his period as pope as well.

All in all, what is most troubling is to see an era when many faiths move toward a lack of acceptance of other paths to God.

Truly Troubling times,

Sister Julie

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