Monday, February 26, 2007

Hatred Catches Up With You

My apologies if you read this blog on a regular basis. If so you have noticed a break of more than a couple of days – the reason for that being that I am now a staff writer for another website (a podcast on Itunes). That, work, religious duties, duties for the convent keep me busy these days. If you do not read this blog on a regular basis…

….well…forget it. This is may be your first time reading this.

In any case, there were some interesting articles in the local paper yesterday. The first one that caught my attention was a small one (on the bottom of the first page no less – it must have been a slow news day) that told of local parents that were suing the local school board to keep their children from learning about gay marriages in school. To his credit, the judge ruled that education does not interfere religious beliefs. What I found amazing was that parents would teach their children to hate. Amazing how, as I have said in these pages before, people will use part of the book of Leviticus to justify hatred for people (Gay men and lesbian women) but conveniently forget the versus a few chapters later that allows slavery so long as the slaves come from a neighboring nation. Both, obvious, are nothing short of some justifying personal hatred and trying to inflict it on ages and generations to come after them. It also amazes me how people can hate other people for who they love, whether it be of the same gender or not – but mass murder by the thousands in a place called Iraq is somehow acceptable. It has even gone to the point where we have a president who tells us he prays to ask God to tell him if it is ok to send troops to their death. Well, as I have said, he isn’t praying to any God I know.

So the end result is children teach their children hatred.

Then they are amazed when their children put that hatred into practice. The same paper had another article in it, also on the front page. A local school has amongst the students who are in the minority, students who are black. These young black children have had to suffer outrages no children should. One little girl has had to suffer the word “Ni**er” (I will not type the entire heinous word here) scrawled across her locker, written in notes slid into her locker, and whispered in her presence in hallways. It is not just the children who are to blame but their hate mongering parents. No child should have to grow up in this atmosphere. Yet we can see the reasons why – parents teach their children to hate. But eventually that hatred catches up with them. I think of an event that happened when I was very young.

There was a local “public housing” project that has long since, Thank You Jesus, been torn down. When I saw this place I wouldn’t have allowed a pig to live in it. One day a man from Texas stopped at a drug store in this housing project purportedly to ask for directions. He was shot dead. My friends, no one is shot dead simply for asking the way to the downtown area. Ask yourself the manner in which this Texan asked for directions. We will never know the truth of it. But if the request included words such as “boy” and “Ni**er” you have your answer why.

Hatred catches up with you.

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