Monday, January 22, 2007

Apologies and Updates

Apologies first dear readers, for not keeping the site updated every day as promised. Things have been a bit busy around the convent lately and one of the events I am writing about a bit later this morning. Next, for anyone who may be an animal lover out there, an update on the Brave Bunny of which I wrote. Brave Bunny is being fitted for a wheelchair. Mother Superior is making him a tiny little scooter. It has been built and needs to be modified to fit him properly. Some bunnies have the run of the house – Brave Bunny did not. Now that he is a handicapped bunny (and teaching others about the value of life) he is getting more attention than ever – and when his wheelchair works properly he will be free to wheel about the top floor of the convent as he chooses. (he has already done a bit of wheeling about the kitchen).

As to one of the troubling events that occurred over the weekend, I will post it a bit later this morning. In brief, it is one thing for someone like George W. to play god with others people lives. It is a whole other thing for someone to think they ARE God. That scary event is what I will be writing about today. See you later this morning.

Sister Julie

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