Wednesday, January 10, 2007

This little light of mine...

I remember a song from my childhood that had words in it, "this little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine." Our dear sister Therese had a story to tell about a little light that shared its light with others. This is that story...

On being a small light that lights other lights...

"sister marie of the Eucharist wanted to light the candles for a procession; she had no matches; however, seeing the little lamp which was burning in front of the relics, she approached it. Alas, it was half out; there remained only a feeble glimmer on its blackened wick. She succeeded in lighting her candle from it, and with this candle, she lighted those of the whole community. It was, therefore, the half extinguished little lamp which had produced all these beautiful flames which, in their turn, could produce an infinity of others and even light the whole universe. nevertheless, it would always be the little lamp which would be first cause of all this light. How could the beautiful flames boast of having produced this fire, when they themselves were lighted with such a small spark?"

"It is the same with the Communion of Saints. Very often, without our knowing it, the graces and lights that we receive are due to a hidden soul, for God wills that the saints communicate grace to each other through prayer with great love, with a love much greater than that of a family, and even the most perfect family on earth. How often have I thought that I may owe all the graces I've received to the prayers of a person who begged them from God for me, and whom I shall know only in Heaven."

"Yes, a very little spark will be capable of giving birth to great lights in the Church, like the Doctors and the Martyrs, who will undoubtedly be higher in heaven than the spark; but how could anyone think that their glory will not become his?"

"In Heaven, we shall not meet with indifferent glancers, because all the elect will discover that they owe to each other the graces that merited the crown for them."

God Bless you all,

Sister Julie

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