Monday, January 15, 2007

The First American Dictator - George W. Bush

The First American Dictator…

That is what George W. Bush has become. For a fleeting moment I considered calling today’s column “Seig Heil” but I thought was too much…so far. This morning the newspaper’s headlines screams the words of the President of the United States, “I’ve made my decision.” According to George Bush he has made his decision and that is just it - whether the Congress, The American People, the World and God like it or not. Yes I said God. Remember back when the war started? George W. Bush said he prays to God every day about the war and what to do. He must not be listening too hard. Either that or he is praying to some God I am not aware of. No God that I know of tells people to kill each other.

Yet that is just what George W. is doing. The quote from today’s paper, an Associated Press article, is this:

“Washington- Digging in for confrontation, President Bush and Vice President dick Cheney say they will not budge from sending more U.S. troops to Iraq no matter how much Congress opposes it.”

Meanwhile the Congress, God Bless their collective hearts, is trying to stop this madness by cutting off George Bush’s war efforts at the pockets. The same article quotes Senator Barack Obama of Illinois as saying, “We need to look at what options we have available to constrain the president.”

It’s a good thing Senator Obama is senator. He shows remarkable restrained in simply using the word “restrain.”

Think about what has happened. George Bush has invaded a foreign country, over non-existent weapons of mass destruction, a country that had nothing to do with the tragic events of 9-11, captured their leader, and now the same leader has been put to death.

This sounds dangerously close to war crimes of our own to me.

And on the home front, the vice president seems to have lost his mind as well. Another associated press article quotes the vice president as saying the following:

“Washington - Vice President Dick Cheney said Sunday the Pentagon and CIA are not violating rights by examining the banking and credit records of hundreds of Americans and others suspected of terrorism or espionage.”

Lets look at one of the important phrases there….


So just who are the people who’s banking records they are examining who ARE NOT suspected of terrorism or espionage? Anyone who doesn’t agree with him? Anyone who doesn’t want any more people to die in Iraq? Anyone who doesn’t want an American President to dictate who will run the worlds nations and how?

…or maybe nuns and convents who have seen enough death.


A nun who is also a veteran of the United States Army
Sister Julie Marie


Anonymous said...

Ah, how soon we forget history. During the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln was called by his friends, and to this day even his supporters, the American dictator.

Lincoln suspended habeus corpus not for Confederates, but for Northerners. Federal storm troopers held some 13,000 US citizens in military prisons without charges, without trials and without any legal recourse.

Lincoln declared martial law in the North, imposed heavy taxes, suspended the Bill of Rights and in some Northern states suspended free elections. He arrested half the Maryland legislature who were going to vote for peace and shut down newspapers.

He did it in complete violation of the Constitution to support his power base and fight a war that us Unconstitutional.

Lincoln was the first American Dictator and makes Dubya look like an amateur by comparison.

Anonymous said...

Lincoln faced a major insurrection. A large portion of the country turned traitors and declared themselves beyond our laws. That is a serious crisis that calls for extraordinary measures.

Bush decided unilaterally to invade another country without provocation, claiming it was a "preventative measure". He then used his invasion to declare a state of war and claim that gave him the right to ignore the constitution he swore to uphold. History will show Bush to be one of the largest threats to our constitutional freedom in a long time.

Anonymous said...

Did Lincoln not unilaterally decide not to remove troops from the South? Did he not, despite immense domestic opposition, decide to attack the C.S.A.? The Confederacy existed because of the failure of the United States to uphold the Constitution. As far as they were concerned in the South, the Constitution was abandoned and therefore they had no reason to remain part of the Union. The secession was an attempt to remove themselves from the corruption and disregard for liberty that has become a hallmark of the United States.

Ron Paul 2008.