Friday, May 18, 2007

Exit Strategy

We live in a country with a president that lost the election. Not the first time, of course, that the American People said “We don’t want this man to be president” but the electoral college said “Yes you do”. In November 2000 George W. Bush actually lost the “Popular vote” and a hateful of powerful people in the electoral college, decided he should be president anyway – or should I say at this point “Dictator”? Once George W. became the incumbent (and ran against John Kerry) in 2004, the rest, sad to say, is history.

So now a president that was never elected to the office the first time around, insists on having his wars no matter whether the American People, The democratic party and now even his OWN republican part his against him. The prime minister of England, has now resigned in part, due to his support for the American Dictator George W. Bush (source:

It appears that the only possible exit strategy is the one portrayed by political cartoonist Mike Lane that appeared in the local Daily Journal on May 15, 2007:

political cartoon above: “exit strategy” by Mike Lane

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