Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Usually I get kissed first...

Usually I get kissed first before Democratic politicians do what they did this week in Washington D.C. George W. is determined to have his war, even if it means he has to hold disaster relief over the heads of the American People (Democratic Party) in order to get his dose of death and destruction. An Associated Press article for May 23, 2007 reported that “Democratic congressional leaders neared agreement with the Bush administration Tuesday to pay for the Iraq war without setting a timeline for troop withdrawal.” I don’t entirely blame the democratic party - after all, it is not quite as bad as the shameful thing that George W. did -

Namely, use disaster relief that should go to the American people WITHOUT A THOUGHT AND WITHOUT STRINGS ATTACHED. But George W. is determined to start wars no matter what it takes. Read on…

“Several officials said the emerging compromise bill would cast about $120 billion including as much as $8 billion for Democratic domestic priorities - SUCH AS DISASTER RELIEF FOR HURRICANE KATRINA VICTIMS AND FARMERS HURT BY DROUGHT.”

I believe at this point that both George W. and the G.O.P. must be suffering some form of mass insanity. In a country that has a health care system that is in a shambles, they are spending over 100 BILLION DOLLARS on killing people in a war that George W. Bush started in the first place..

- in a country that had nothing to do with the tragedy of 9/11
- in a country that didn’t have weapons of mass destruction

So he uses money that should have gone to help Americans in dire need to pry the money for his war out of the American people. Just when I think George W. Bush can’t sink any lower - can’t lose more of his humanity, he manages to sink to brand new lows. HOW LOW CAN YOU GO GEORGE W.???

What could be worse? Can it get worse?

Remember just a week or two ago, those same G.O.P members that said they would no longer support George W. if no progress is made in Iraq by September? It appears that by “progress” they mean stepping up the number of deaths in Iraq. Now the Republic party is proud of what it has done. Read on…

“Republicans said that after weeks of struggle, they had forced Democrats to give up their demand for a date to withdraw troops.” - Associated Press May 23, 2007

I wonder at this point if the Republic Party is more concerned with sticking it to the Democratic side of congress than the concerns of the American People, and the world, not to mention humanity as a whole.

So what does it take to get George W. to let go of some additional money for disaster victims? A war…it takes A WAR? And yes, the Republic Party feels that they have done themselves proud….

“Rep. John Boehner of Ohio, the House Republican Leader, added, ‘Democrats have finally conceded defeat in their effort to include mandatory surrender dates in funding a bill for the troops, so forward progress has been made for the first time in this four-month process.”

SURRENDER? Is that what John Boehner is concerned about? AMERICA STARTED THIS WAR JOHN!!! It makes me want to move to Ohio just so I can “not vote” for the man. The House Republic leader is proud of the fact that the Republican Party was able to force a War down the throats of the American people and the world?

Message to the politicians in both parties in Washington D.C. who feel that they somehow, in their wildest dreams, represent the “will of the people”…


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